We are a family owned business that specializes in ranch raised U.S. lamb.  These lambs are raised on our ranch in Val Verde County  near Del Rio, Texas.  We offer both grass fed and grain fed lamb.  We sell a wholesome, delicious and natural product that is reasonably priced.  We furnish a superior product to suit a particular customer.  In an age when everyone is concerned with food safety we are very conscious of how our animals are raised and processed.  We raise our lambs with a minimum of artificial intervention.    
As the old adage goes "The Proof Is In The Pudding".  All of our family and many of our friends eat the very same product we are offering for sale. 

DEVILS RIVER LAMB is offering lamb for sell in two different ways:
1.  We sale live lambs at our ranch near Del Rio, Texas.
2.  We deliver lanimals to a USDA inspected slaughter faciility in Uvalde, Texas located 85 miles west of San Antonio, Texas.  The frozen lamb can then be picked up there by the customer, or shipped to their address.  The slaughter facility custom processes the meat according to the wishes of the customer.  At present we are only selling whole lambs or half lambs.

For prices or information please call Clay Dissler at 830-703-0235 or email us at: or 
Quantities are limited.  We also have Cabrito available.

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